The dollar debt of companies in Latin America

About this webinar

A decade of low interest rates in the major currencies and failings in the regulatory oversight of international bond markets have led investors to take more and more risk in their search for higher yields. Non-financial corporations (NFC’s) in Latin America have taken full advantage, and their dollar indebtedness is now heavier than for corporations in most other emerging market regions. This paper documents the many warning signs of macroeconomic and financial instability in the region from such indebtedness.



Philip Turner

Professor and former Deputy Head of MED
University of Basel and Bank for International Settlements – BIS


Iader Giraldo

Lead Economic Researcher
Latin American Reserve Fund

Discussant & Chair


Martín Tobal

Director of Macrofinancial Risk Analysis
Central Bank of Mexico


Fidel Jaramillo

Secretary General
Latin American Reserve Fund